[FREE] The Sound of PROJEKT61 – Vol.1 Soundpack

Hey everyone!

I have a little gift for you today!

But before we get to that, let me first make a small announcement:

I’m committing myself to releasing a free soundpack (which will vary each and every time) every 1-2 weeks on Fridays. This series of free soundpacks is called “The Sound Of PROJEKT61 – Free Soundpack Series” – the same name as my sound design showoff series on Instagram, YouTube, and Vidme. This time around, things didn’t really work out the way I wanted it to because some stuff came up, so I have to release my first free soundpack from this series on a weekend. But things should be different next time.

Now, on to the gift…

For the first pack from this series, I have included 5 Dubstep/Hybrid Trap bass presets for Xfer Serum – all created by me. These sounds were all featured on Instagram, YouTube, and Vidme recently, and now they’re all yours for you to use any way you want.

Included in this pack are:
⦁ “Abyssmal”
⦁ “Destroyer”
⦁ “Machine Gun” (use different wavetables to get different results!)
⦁ “Mayhem”
⦁ “Pentasaurous”
(Note that you will need at least Serum 1.20b9 in order to use these presets.)

In the future, all of my free downloads will be under the “Free Stuff” page for easy access. You’ll be able to find this and future soundpacks in there.

Hope you all enjoy this pack and get something out of it! Have fun!

[Click here to download “The Sound Of PROJEKT61 – Vol 1 Soundpack”]

P.S. If you want to see me preview more presets, feel free to follow me on Instagram, Vidme, or YouTube.


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