Rising from the ashes of The Great Recession, PROJEKT61 is the brainchild of mastermind Ryan Torres Turner. Initially a Hip-Hop producer (under a different name), Ryan started his music journey in 2010. He soon discovered electronic music – after listening to Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Datsik, Excision, Noisia, and Getter – and decided to turn his focus to Dubstep (and Bass Music, in general) not long afterwards. In 2012, he started his Electronic Music project, PROJEKT61. Since then, he has learned the tricks of his trade and is determined to keep improving his craft by confiding in his insatiable love of learning and learning from the masters. Now, its time for Ryan to pay his dues by putting out astonishing music and make a name for himself in the process – all while inspiring and helping out the next generation of artists along the way. Follow his odyssey to become one of music’s top heavy-hitters by going over to his blog, “61 Chambers“.